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Adventure touring is packed with risks, unpredictable twists and guaranteed obstacles. And at the same time its an experience that ends with surprising rewards! So, the key to making an adventure successful is to be equipped. Especially when “adventure” is the quest, quality gear for the bike is a must have.

ADV tribe was established in 2017. The company has grown exponentially in the past two years with a worldwide customer base.

ADV Tribe envisions to innovate gear that encourages travellers to dare for the extraordinary. ADV Tribe has developed a range of products that will enables a hassle-free ride. The aim is to not only create premium quality products but also to design them to astheticly fit the bike.

Dipesh Shah, Founder of Adv Tribe is a biomedical engineer by education, entrepreneur by profession, a biker by passion and avid traveller at heart!

“ADV tribe is the fruit of my riding experiences. I started riding in my teens and it soon became a way of life for me. I have ridden throughout this country, visited some of the most remote places and been lucky enough to meet some fantastic people. There are many routes that I traveled on then have now become roads. Learnt it the hard way but I soon realised that my bike and me both need quality protection. And back in the early 2000s there was lack of accessories to begin with and whatever was available was sub standard and completely missed the design sense. Developing my own accessories had become a must have. Down the line I have now made this passion, my business.

My vision for Adv Tribe is to provide quality accessories for adventure tourers to enhance the experience of riding. My personal aim here is to make my biker community adventure ready!”, says Shah.



Corporate Office:

A/303, Dalkhania House, Santacruz(E), Mum – 400055
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Note: We are Online only shop. We don’t have any physical store .


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