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The entry-level commuter from BMW Motorrad is the most affordable variant from the manufacturer. But, that doesn’t mean the performance of this beautiful beast is compromised. The BMW G 310 R is one of the most loved bikes to have come out in recent years. Appreciated by city dwellers who have always wanted to experience the handling and sportiness of a BMW.
Like with every motorcycle, this bike also needs regular maintenance for optimum performance. This is why a lot of people are always looking to buy BMW G 310 R spare parts to keep the bike at the top level, and to keep the performance as good as new.

Here is a list of BMW G 310 spare parts

BMW G 310 R Spare Parts
  • Front Brake Pads
The brakes are definitely one of the most important parts of a motorcycle, helping you stop whenever you need them, sometimes even in an emergency. So obviously, front brake pads are on the top of the list of BMW G 310 R spare parts here.
The price of this is around Rs. 2500 depending on where you buy it from.
  • Chain Lubricant
Motorcycle chains always need to be in top shape to help your bike ride smoothly on any terrain you want. Chain lubricant is definitely something that needs to be on your list at all times and make sure to lubricate your chains regularly, preferably every time you fill gas in your tires.
  • Indicators
Having a spare set of indicators is a life-changer. Especially for a bike like the BMW G 310 R which is meant for the city roads, having broken indicators can be a tough problem to deal with. Definitely one of the most important spare parts for the BMW G 310 R.
  • Radiator Guard
A radiator guard protects your radiator from rock, debris, and other unwanted elements and also keeps the ventilation going to keep the performance at its peak. Always make sure you get high-quality radiator guards for your bike.
Speaking of which, you can get the ADV Tribe Radiator Guard for BMW G 310 R here
  • Oil Filter
A very essential spare part to have for your BMW G 310 R is the oil filter. Think of it as the kidney for the bike. It keeps the oil clean, filters out all the minute, unwanted elements that seep in. Keep a set with you at all times to keep your bike in top shape.
This was our list of spare parts you need for the BMW G 310 R. Make sure you check out our store to get all the accessories you need for your motorcycle to have a smooth and comfortable ride at all times. And when you’re buying spare parts for your BMW G 310 R, make sure you buy it from a certified dealer to get only the best quality spare parts.

Here is a recap of BMW G 310 R spare parts with price lists:

BMW G 310 R Spare parts Price 
Front Brake Pads INR 2,500.00
Chain Lubricant INR 1,462.00
Indicators INR 3,000.00
Radiator Guard INR 2,999.00
OilFilter INR 5,300.00
Handle Bar INR 4,190.00
Gear Set INR 2,700.00
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